Jesse Calhoun in Metroland again

Jesse Calhoun again in Metroland Newspaper article about a forum between 5 mayoral candidates.


“A gathering of voters and five mayoral candidates took place at the Main Branch of the Albany Public Library on Monday evening (Aug. 5). During the first hour of the forum, voters asked more than 45 questions concerning vacant buildings and lots, education, economics, and equality. The candidates responded during the second hour. The forum was hosted by Occupy Albany.

“How about we meet the needs of our community before we meet the needs of Omni Development Group or BBL?” asked Jesse Calhoun, the Republican candidate, during his time for commentary.

Omni Development Company Inc. and BBL Construction Services are involved in many of the development and construction projects in and around the city of Albany.

Five of the candidates running for mayor attended the forum: Kathy Sheehan, Marlon Anderson,  Ellis, Calhoun and Portelli. Joseph Sullivan, the Conservative Party candidate, did not attend the forum and did not return calls to Metroland in time for publication.

For Calhoun, a motivating issue was the SWAT training that Albany Police conducted at the Ida Yarbrough public housing complex in March of this year. “That’s why I got involved, that incident at Ida Yarbrough, I’ve seen stuff like that happen all over the country and I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t watch,” he said. The incident at Ida Yarbrough drew sharp critism from the community. Many residents of the housing complex said the training frightened them, and seemed to be an attempt to intimidate them.

Jesse Clahoun in Mayoral Forum

You can read the full article featuring Jesse Calhoun and the other candidates here

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