Jesse Calhoun in Metroland

Jesse Calhoun in Metroland

Jesse Calhoun was mentioned in the Metroland Newspaper on August 28, 2013. The article was to remind people there were more than just Democrats running for the mayor of Albany.


Jesse Calhoun (Republican)

“The first thing I would try to change is the economic situation, the [process to obtain permits], the cabaret laws, allow more freedom in zoning and [getting permits]. That would take a lot of work but definitely worth doing I think,” Jesse Calhoun says.

Calhoun moved to Albany five years ago from Ohio, where he was born and raised. He says the people in the Capital Region initially attracted him to the city. “There are a lot of activist types, free-thinking people, so I was attracted to that, and I moved up here with the lead guitarist of the band.”

Since his move, Calhoun got involved in the activist community through the organization Occupy Albany; he also hosts a podcast radio show and is a preschool teacher.

Calhoun doesn’t find a contradiction in being both an activist in a movement like Occupy Albany and a Republican candidate for public office. “I think Occupy is a pretty big tent that can fit a lot of people that are pretty dissatisfied with the way our country is going,” he says.

The activist-turned-mayoral-candidate decided to run for office after becoming involved with the discussions about tactical training conducted by the Albany Police Department at the Ida Yarbrough Public Housing Complex on March 21, 2013. “I didn’t feel that anybody was taking any reasonable action, so I ran,” Calhoun says of the driving force behind his decision to run for mayor of Albany.

“I’m invested in the community, so I have a vested interest into making it as good as I can for myself and for everybody else,” says Calhoun on why people should cast a vote for him in the Nov. 5 election.

If he were not allowed to vote for himself in the election, Calhoun says he would vote for Alex Portelli. “His young energy in getting all those people registered as Libertarians is an awesome thing. I think nobody can take that away from him.”

Jesse Calhoun in Metroland

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